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Magic happens when you mix it up a bit. Curious Creator

Own it

Whatever it is that is important to you, be it your mission, your goals, your identity - own it with pride, and commit. Take responsibility for your behaviour and outcomes. 

However, don't get stuck in it! As we continue to explore, learn, relearn and reach new aha!-moments we need to stay open to change. What we thought was the truth yesterday might not be our truth today. 

Be a Curious Creator, 

always with Care and Courage

What are you rushing towards?

In a hurry? Busy being busy? Rushing around aimlessly?

When we rush to do something are we saving time or are we losing time?

Pause, reflect, relearn, determine the next best step, act upon it and then do it again and again and again... 

Be a Curious Creator.

Magic happens when you mix it up a bit. Curious Creator
Magic happens when you mix it up a bit. Curious Creator

Sharing takes courage

The moment you start sharing Your voice, Your creations, the authentic You - you will be criticised.

Be aware and do it anyway, the world needs You.

Be a Curious Creator.

Throw in a bit of your uniqueness

It's a great feeling when you have learnt and practised lots of different tools, frameworks, and methodologies and you start to feel comfortable to pick only the juicy bits from them all, the best bits to fit the current needs and situation.

And even better is when you listen to your gut and throw in a bit of yourself and your uniqueness into the equation. This is when magic starts to happen.

Be a Curious Creator.

Magic happens when you mix it up a bit. Curious Creator

Do you know where you're heading?

Sometimes the road ahead can be foggy. Either because we haven’t defined our destination and the reasoning for reaching it, which means the drive will be foggy, or we have a clear destination and purpose but the road fogs up by life itself.

If you have defined what is important to you and why, it doesn’t matter how foggy the road gets, you still know where you’re heading and why. The fog might just mean it takes slightly longer to navigate through.

But as you head towards your destination don’t forget to curiously explore the fog. What else is there to learn, to understand, to try out. Maybe there is a need for a stop along the way, to slightly modify the destination or possibly even change the destination completely.

Be a Curious Creator.

Question your labels

As a child we absorb information as truth. This includes anything we are told we are, such as you are fat, you are stupid, you are boring, you are useless and this is often something we consciously or unconsciously carry with us for the rest of our lives.

What labels are you carrying around from childhood? Labels that got stuck on you without your approval. Maybe it’s time to question your labels and throw away the ones that don't fit you any longer. Maybe you might even make up a few new labels that truly represent who you are and who you want to be today and into the future.

Be a Curious Creator.

Magic happens when you mix it up a bit. Curious Creator

What footprints are you leaving behind?

Everyday, as we act in a specific way, we are consciously or unconsciously leaving footprints behind. Some that we are proud of and some that we wish we could erase or change. Some footprints we remember with joy and pride, others make us cringe and feel at unease. 

The good thing is that the footprints up until now are history, the things we do now and in the future are still to be printed. Choose your steps with care, make them joyful, purposeful and for the better good.

Be a Curious Creator.

Aha! moments are a healthy and affordable treat

The more we experience Aha! moments the more we crave for them. It’s a great feeling when connecting new dots and gain new knowledge and understanding, another piece of the puzzle is falling into place. 

There is no limit to the Aha! moments we can gain during life and we are never too old to practise it. It’s an infinite experience that brings joy and purpose to life. It’s a healthy treat, it can be free of charge and we can all do it simply.

Be a Curious Creator.

Magic happens when you mix it up a bit. Curious Creator

Can we create a better world simply by being more curious?

What would happen if we all were a little bit more curious? Curious of ourselves, others, the world, feelings, the opposite and the unknown. Maybe the world would be a little bit more open, friendlier, empathetic, allowing, and peaceful.

Curiosity is a natural human behaviour that we can all do easily. Why is it then that the older we get the less curious we are? What would happen if we all collectively pushed the boundaries of our curiosity to new levels? Would we collectively be able to make a significant impact for a better world?

Be a Curious Creator.

Proud imposter

Imposter syndrome is a healthy sign making you aware that you still have a skill to learn or an experience to have. It is a lifelong syndrome if you’re a curious being, it’s a healthy state that makes you aware that you have more to learn and do. 

Admire others skills and experiences and decide for yourself if it’s something that you would like to spend time and effort to learn and do. If not, move on with your very own learning journey, follow your curiosity and be you.

Be a proud imposter.

Magic happens when you mix it up a bit. Curious Creator

Just because you are loud doesn’t make you right

It’s easy to believe that people who take up space and are loud in a room know their stuff. That might be the case but don’t take it for granted, it’s just one opinion out of many unheard opinions. 

Be curious about what is being said, be even more curious about what is not being said.

Be a Curious Creator.

Be aware of Bias

Bias is always there lurking in the back of your mind, trying to please you by confirming what you already think you know. Bias is there to make you feel proud of yourself, proud that you already knew the answer. Bias deprives you from new experiences, new knowledge and growth. Stop listening to Bias and instead open your mind for new thoughts, new knowledge, different opinions, possibilities and the unknown. 

Be a Curious Creator.

Magic happens when you mix it up a bit. Curious Creator