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Let curiosity        lead the way

Our Story

Curious Creator is here to inspire, coach and empower transformation on individuals, teams, organisations, communities and everyone in this world. Curiosity is always the lead star and is what guides us when we untangle challenges and creatively look for unique and better ways moving forward.

Every person, team and organisation is unique and every transformation is a unique experience. To get the most out of the experience, we need to step out of our comfort-zone and take brave steps for a more purposeful and brighter future.

What we love doing

Curious Creator offer inspirational talks, public speeches, individual coaching, team building and creative inspirational workshops, in English or Swedish, all with the aim to curiously explore possibilities that lead to a better way forward.

"Approach change with curiosity and you will have a much more fun and pleasant journey."

Be a Curious Creator

Be a Curious Creator

Curiosity is a natural human behaviour that we can all do easily. Why is it then that the older we get the less curious we are? What would happen if we all collectively pushed the boundaries of our curiosity to new levels? Would we be able to make a significant impact for a better world?